EDYTA | personal branding, London

I absolutely loved working with Svetlana on my personal branding shoot.


I was open to ideas and did not necessarily know what I wanted out of it, but Svetlana had great ideas and we quickly got into the groove.


The results were stunning! They also helped me reflect on what I want my personal brand to be. An absolutely amazing experience!

KARMIN | personal branding, London 

I have been recommended to Svetlana Bennington by a good friend after seeing her photos. Since then I had three Personal Branding Photo shoots for my website and Social Media with her.


Svetlana is absolutely amazing to work with. She really knows how to put someone at ease and capture the best moments. A photo shoot with Svetlana is a joyful experience and she is so good at bringing the best out of me in front of the camera.


I recommended her of course after to friends who loved her too. I will continue to work with Svetlana that and recommend anyone if you are lucky enough to work with her to have this wonderful experience and let your best moments and best features be captured by her.


Thank you Svetlana, always love working with you and looking forward for more work together in the near future.

VELIO | personal branding, London

It has been a real pleasure working with Svetlana. I think her best asset (apart of course from her capability to shoot amazing pics) is the unique attitude she has to put people at ease.


I am not a pro neither in the habit of being professionally photographed and was really shy at the beginning so most of my biggest genuine smiles have been possible thanks to her mood and approach to me that made me laugh and being self-confident not judging myself while being photographed.

Thank you so so much Svetlana!

MAI-KEE | personal branding, London 

Sveta was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish of the experience!


Just from a few ideas off a mood board, she managed to capture the entirety of my brand. Her energy really helped to ease off the pressure for smiling/laughing/making funny faces snap, after snap.


The end results were STUNNING (and even before the edits, they looked amazing!), and I HIGHLY recommend working with her if you want to have pictures that capture your personality and beauty in the way it was always meant to   

SVITLANA | personal branding, London

I am delighted with Svetlana's work.


This is my second professional photo session in my life. And I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get a good photo, because I don't like to pose.


But working with Svetlana was a pleasure. Very nice photos, pleasant memories from the photo shoot. And I will definitely recommend her work to other people!

MARIA | personal branding, London 

Working with Svetlana was an amazing experience.

Due to negative results from previous photographers, I was hesitant to book her but have now found my fashion shoot photographer. She is one of two photographers I will be using in the UK for my fashion shoots.

I am delighted with the images from our first shoot.

She is professional, passionate and engaging and I love the fact that she works hard to draw out the best poses from you.

I am already looking forward to our next shoot!